5 months ago

Claud Bosi is opening his 3rd restaurant in under a year at the end of the month

Look sharp, foodies, because Bosi is in town. The French chef has had a busy year and it’s looking like he’s not slowing down any time soon…

On the corner of Callow Street and the Fulham Road (where Colette used to sit) a new, very exciting restaurant is about to open. Josephine Bouchon is the latest venture from double Michelin starred French chef Claude Bosi who, alongside his wife Lucy, have plans to open this brand new French bistro any moment now. Bosi, if you are unaware, is a pretty busy man. His restaurant at Bibendum is world famous for its sophisticated, refined dining. But it’s not just the one restaurant he has on his roster. Last year he opened Socca (Mayfair) and Brooklands (a rooftop restaurant at The Peninsula). He’s continuing his restaurant opening-spree into 2024 with Josephine.

The husband-wife venture will be a personal one. The name ‘Josephine’ is after his grandmother and it’ll be a celebration of Lyonnaise food, which something Bosi knows well having grown up and trained as a chef in Lyon. The space will be inspired by the French region and be big enough to hold 76 covers The food will, of course, be Lyonnaise heavy with other classic bistro dishes. There’ll be a daily plat du jour, a set menu and accessible wines. Josephine will be running their wine list in a very classic Bouchon-style; ‘metre wine’ which basically means you just pay for what you drink and, the owners hope, will encourage their customers to try out a range of wine.

Lucy and Claud are hoping to create a space that is convivial and fun, reminiscent of the traditional Bouchons of Lyon that they both know and love so well. The aim is to create a restaurant that is welcoming for all and will see diners returning again and again. With the Bosi duo at the helm, we are sure this will be the case.

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