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New opening: Avalon Pilates opens in Clapham today!

Clapham, we have a brand new Pilates studio in our midst because Avalon opens today, 9th Jan. Ahead of the opening we spoke to owner, Anna.

January is the perfect moment to try out something new, so whether you’re a complete beginner to Pilates or want to try out a different studio, now is the time to give Clapham’s latest gym a go. Ahead of the opening we chatted to owner, Anna, about her studio, why you should visit and what it is she loves about Clapham…

Why did you decide to set up in Clapham? What excites you about being here?

I originally lived in Shepherds Bush and, when I came back from four years in Australia, I thought I would try out SW London and ended up in Clapham off the Abbeville Road. I fell in love with the place and am fully converted to being a South Londoner. I teach people on my Reformer at home, but was desperate to set up a studio space in Clapham. I was looking for about two months and then I stumbled across the space (it wasn’t on the market) and I knew it was perfect, just needed some work. Clapham has such an amazing community with such a buzz. Every local who has popped their head in has been so helpful and kind, I couldn’t feel luckier to be setting up a business here. You’ve got everything at your doorstep, from awesome restaurants, coffee shops, the Common and much more. Can’t wait to get to know you all!

What classes do you offer?

We offer lots of classes: Fundamentals Reformer Pilates (good for beginners), Dynamic Reformer Pilates, Intense Reformer Pilates (the most challenging one), Tower Burn Reformer Pilates, Prenatal (any trimester) Reformer Pilates, Mums & Bubs (bring your baby) Reformer Pilates, Chill & Stretch Reformer Pilates and Jumpboard Reformer Pilates.

Studio owner: Anna Mounsey-Heysham

Why is your studio unique to the other gyms around Clapham?

We’re a fully equipped Reformer Pilates studio so we have Reformers but we also change the Reformers into Towers which gives you a whole new Pilates repertoire, and you don’t get this in many studios. Furthermore we have a private space at the back with even more Pilates equipment such as the Trapeze table, Ladder Barrell and Pilates Chair. This space is for 1-1s or 2-1s and is great for rehabilitation as well as for people that want a more personalised session focusing on goals/injuries. I also hope the interiors of the studio feels special and unique – I wanted the space to feel warm, welcoming with a bit of an Aussie vibe (Avalon is named after Avalon beach in Australia). 

Was is your advice to someone completely new to Pilates? 

Try a 1-1 or a beginners class first, so in our studio it’s our ‘Fundamentals’ class. The machines can be quite overwhelming when you first get on them but they’re absolutely amazing and I promise you will feel great. They really help with lower back pain, injuries, flexibility and strength. I have clients who used to have back pain but since doing Reformer Pilates once a week they’ve sorted it out!

Where are your favourite spots to unwind in Clapham after a long day of teaching?

I love a good Italian and so really enjoy Sorella or Lina Stores. I love the vibe in The Windmill too. 

Avalon opens today, 9th January, and bookings are available online.

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