7 months ago

Joe Public Pizza: big slices, big vibes

Joe Public Pizza aren’t messing about when it comes to seriously good food. Get it by the slice or go all in and get the whole damn pie.

Right in the beating heart of Clapham is everyones favourite, Joe Public. You’ll find this dinky eatery right by Clapham Common station and though it may be small in size, everything else about it is big. Big vibes, big style, big slices. They serve Californian-inspired pizza by the slice, and it’s the cool, laidback, sexy atmosphere that will get you coming back again and again just as much as the food will.

We feel like this might be a major PSA: you can sit inside at Joe Public. Because during the summer the outside benches are always jam packed with people enjoying their food and live music offerings, it’s easy to forget- or even be completely ignorant to- the fact that there is indoor seating! You can pull up a pew along the bar and watch your pizza go in and come out of the oven. Or, you can make like it’s July and enjoy the outside terrace because (and we fear this might be another PSA) it is now heated! For the first time you can snuggle up under the warmth of the outdoor heaters and umbrellas no matter what the weather is throwing at you. It’s a perfect location for a wintery afternoon of dog watching or an evening drinking with friends, all whilst indulging in a good (really good) slice of pizza.

Before getting into a pizza we recommend ordering an espresso martini. They’ve got them on tap and they’re as creamy, foamy and delicious as any we’ve had shaken in front of us. And we think they are the only way to get your stomach ready for some dough action. The pizza itself is a thin Italian-style base. We know that everyone has their own pizza preferences but for us they’ve nailed just the right amount of chewy, they’re always cheesy AF and there’s a huge selection of toppings to choose from: the classics plus more inventive ones like ham hock, artichoke, chicken and chorizo… It’s not just the toppings where they get inventive. You can switch up the classic tomato base and go for pesto, cream and chive or olive tapenade instead. Now we’ve got an appetite, so we went for the whopping 20-inch pepperoni pizza and enjoyed it under the heaters whilst watching the world go by. Big pizza, a couple of those incredible espresso martinis, all in the best neighbourhood in London. Could there be a better way to spend an afternoon in SW4?

Order by the slice or order the whole damn pie, whichever you do you’ll be getting a proper bite of Cali right here in Clapham. (Or just outside Clapham, ’cause you can get their 14-inch pizzas delivered. For the particularly lazy days).

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