2 years ago

Join a silent disco yoga class in Battersea Park

Silent disco and yoga are both great entities in their own rights. But together? Well, here’s your chance to give it a go.

Credit: @batterseaparklondon

Yoga is getting a funky glow-up in Battersea park this Saturday. On the 9th, you’ll be able to whack on a pair of headphones and join in with a yoga disco class. The hour long class is apart of the #loveparkswandsworth campaign and marks the end of the weekend series of events that have been happening in the park. As well as the 3pm silent disco yoga, there will be a silent vinyasa class at midday and a sound bath at 1.30pm. Plus, don’t miss the women’s and men’s tennis final which will be shown on big screens on both days.

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