2 years ago

Other Side Fried are coming to Battersea

There is nothing better than the smell of fried chicken, right? Battersea Rise is about to get a whiff of the good stuff.

Credit: @othersidefried

We’ve already written, and raved, about how much we love the Brixton location of this fast food spot (you can check it out here). From our previous trip it was a quick and easy love affair with the fried chicken joint. How could it not be? They do chicken, and they do it really well. They offer a simple menu of burgers and sides, but each burger is flavoured expertly and interestingly; honey butter, bacon cheese, vegan buffalo. They’ve not missed a shot yet.

Credit: @othersidefried

So when we heard that the SW was being treated to another location, we couldn’t help but get excited. This August Other Side Fried will be opening their second restaurant in Battersea (on Battersea Rise to be specific). This one is going to come with an extensive indoor seating area, so you’ll be able kick back with your chicken in store or get a take out. Both excellent options. Keep an eye out for their opening date and make sure you pay their new nest a visit when they do open- you’ll fall head over wing when you do.

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