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Jollof House Kitchen are at Pop Brixton for a month

It’s spicy, it’s addictive, and it’s another reason to run to Pop Brixton. Yep, Jollof House Kitchen are taking residency for a whole month.

Credit: @jollofhousekitchen

You’ve probably seen Jollof House Kitchen if you’ve spent enough time loitering around Brixton station road market. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons they’ve got a stall pitched up where they cook some of the finest West African food. And they’re hard to simply walk past- those smells can quickly draw you in to a quick bite to eat, no matter your hunger levels.

Now you’ll have even more of a chance to try out some of this delicious food. Jollof House Kitchen have just started their month-long residency at Pop Brixton. They’ll be launching their month with their ‘Tribes of Africa small plate specials’, a selection of dishes that celebrates each African nation in the World Cup (and you can get 3 of them for a tenner- perfect fuel to watch the matches). Then they’ll be continuing their pop up with their regular market menu; go for the jollof rice, stay for the plantain cups and the lamb skewers.

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