1 year ago

Love Yourself; queer art pop up coming to Brixton

The art will be on display between 10am and 6pm on Saturday 19th November, and yes, you should absolutely go.

Credit: eventbrite.com

For one day and one day only, the The Bureau of Silly Ideas is hosting the Stoggaf Queer Art Showcase, an arty pop up that celebrates gay, queer and fetish art.

The exhibition will be showing pieces from 5 different collections: Abstract Amsterdam, Illustrated, K¡nk & Cool Queer and h*r. The artistic director, Kieran, has said that the exhibition is all about rejecting rejections and celebrating everything that makes us unique. On the day expect surprises like ‘living art’ and a keynote address. Viewers are encouraged to bring a beer or two as they wander around the display. Love that, and love yourself too.

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