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Kricket have launched their DIY BBQ kits

And you’re going to want to get in on this. Pick one of these up for your next BBQ and you’ll be the talk of the summer.

Credit: kricket.co.uk

Don’t get us wrong, we love going out for dinner. Being cooked for, being with your friends, being waited on… it’s the perfect stress-free evening. But then the summer hits and our al fresco radar starts pinging. Suddenly we want nothing more to be grilling in our teeny-tiny London ‘garden’ with an ice cold beer. Everyone knows hosting BBQs aren’t necessarily stress-free. Unless you’re a pro then the sausages will probably end up being charcoal lumps, the Ketchup will probably run out and the well intentioned salad will end up being a few chopped up tomatoes… But what if you could have best of both worlds. Chef level, simple to put together food and that ideal BBQ feeling? We are interested.

Credit: kricket.co.uk

Kricket have come to our summer rescue with their brand new DIY BBQ kits. There are two options: vegetarian (tandoori paneer) and meat (tandoori chicken) and they are both delicious. There’s enough for 2 in each kit, which comes with the main tandoori event ready for your grill, plus chutneys, slaw and parathas. All you need to do is fire up the coals, and get ready for your doorbell to go (or, equally go and pick a kit up from the Kricket in Brixton). A stress free, impressive BBQ is just an order away.

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