1 year ago

Time for a cocktail, Brixton?

…Because Brixton is getting a brand new cocktail bar! Bluethroat is opening a second site on Atlantic Road.

Credit: @bluethroatdeptford

Brixton loves a cocktail bar, which is a good thing because Brixtoners love a cocktail. Over the past year we’ve seen several new drink spots pop up over the neighbourhood (Bottle + Rye, Beetle Juice, Kraft) all of which have been received really well by the locals.

Credit: @bluethroatdeptford

And there’s always room for one more, right? Especially when it is of this calibre. Bluethroat already have a bar in Deptford and they are pretty much top of their game there. They make some really impressive cocktails, and here’s what they say about their ethos: “Our approach is to progressively blend new world with old and old school with new, by creating cocktails and drinks with character that don’t always adhere to our preconceived notions of what they should be“. The kind of cocktails on the menu in their Deptford location include some seasonal specials as well as Bluethroat classics like the refreshing sounding ‘Green Tease’ (gin, St Germain elderflower liqueur, cucumber and mint) and the sweet ‘Go Figure!’ (sweet figs, caramel, Hennessy, rye whiskey, fig infused vermouth, maraschino and thyme liqueur). We could see ourselves slowly making our way through that list…

Now they’ve set their sights on Brixton, where their new bar will open on Atlantic Road. Their opening date is TBC- but it’s soon! Stay tuned.

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