2 years ago

Like cheese? Like fizz? You’ll love this

There’s never a bad time for cheese or fizz. And together? It’s a match made in heaven. When your dairy cravings next hit, this is your spot.

Cheese + Fizz do what they say on the tin… and then some. Serving a unique menu filled to the brim with independent, top quality suppliers they are here to fill any French-fare whole in your stomach. You can expect food straight from over the channel- baked cheeses, cheese boards, raclettes, tartiflettes and a French inspired tapas. And that’s just the food! The wine and Champagne portfolio is certainly something they can boast about. It is full of variety and there is clearly a huge amount of care in choosing their suppliers and growers of alcohol to ensure only the very best.

Of course when we’d heard such great reviews about them we couldn’t not go down and check them out. It would have been wrong to have not gone full out on the cheese options, so, with the help of our very friendly server, we ordered a selection of cheeses for the classic sharing board (which comes with bread and chutney) and the garlic and herb baked camembert. So good we could have ordered one each. To break up the dairy we ventured into the ‘mix and match’ section of the menu and went full French with some escargot, a croque monsieur with truffle and the fresh goat cheese. Ok, so not too far from the dairy but… when in Rome. The mix and match section was really fun and emphasised the sharing spirit of Cheese + Fizz, as well as the high quality of the food they serve there.

When we dug a little deeper we found out that everything stocked and sold at Cheese + Fizz must match a very strict criteria. It is all artisan, organic or ethical, and must be absolute top quality. The proof was clear in everything we tried, it was truly delicious.

P.S, If you love a bit of DIY when it comes to your grub, you’ve got to head down on Wednesday where you can get a bottomless melt-it-yourself raclette. Genius.

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