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Locals show an outpouring of love on the death of Clapham local, Dame Vivienne Westwood

Known for her androgynous designs that took the world by storm in the 1970s, Vivienne Westwood was a hugely important figure in high fashion. 

Vivienne Westwood died yesterday, 29th December, at the age of 81. She died in her Clapham home with her family around her after an incredible life and a hugely successful career. Not only was Westwood an iconic designer, but she also used her platform to voice her concerns about the environment and woman’s rights. She bought her activism to the catwalk where it showed up in her distinctly punky style that made her so unique. 

Vivienne was a regular to @vennstreetmarket where she’d buy her weekly veg. Image from 2010

Though born in Cheshire, Vivienne moved to Clapham in 1970, where she lived in an ex-council flat on Nightingale Lane. In 2000 she moved into her Old Town home, which happened to once belong to the mother of Captain Cook. Since her passing yesterday, there has been a huge outpouring of love from fellow Clapham locals. Flowers and notes have been laid outside her home and many are sharing fond memories of the Dame. 

Many of the comments we’ve had on a post have been incredibly touching, and we wanted to share some with you.

“Always fun bumping into you in Sainsbury’s. We will miss you. What a legend.”


“A Clapham icon”


“Clapham’s finest. The godmother of punk”


“…we loved seeing her out on her doorstep throughout lockdown”


“Never had the pleasure of seeing her in the neighbourhood but she was definitely a true Clapham and fashion icon”


Rest in peace, Dame Vivienne Westwood. Clapham, and the world, will certainly miss you.

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