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Morley’s Chicken Shop has collaborated with Heinz

What happens when two iconic brands collaborate? A Morley’s Fried Chicken Sauce is what happens. Get it whilst you can.

Credit: @_theo_dyssey_

Morley’s has been going since 1985 and in the almost 40 years since its conception, they’ve gained national treasure levels of fame. To true Londoners, the red and white logo is as iconic as the London Eye and their fried chicken is unrivalled by any other chain. And fried chicken is what they do best. Box meals, boneless bites, in a burger, in a wrap, as wings… it’s all about the fried chicken. Though they do do other options (there’s a classic burger selection, lamb ribs and some sides too), if you’re not getting some kind of chicken at Morley’s then, quite frankly, you’re doing it wrong.

Credit: Caitlin Isola

It’s family run operation that has exploded to include over 100 location in London alone, though it’s roots will always be in South London, where the very first Morley’s was opened by Kannalingam Selvendran in Sydenham. He believed that the fast-food industry didn’t have to just be dominated by US chains, and how right he was. You’ll have seen the Brixton branch in the recent blockbuster film ‘Rye Lane’, but many of the other restaurants have been featured in big pop culture moments: Stormzy’s ‘Big for your boots’ music video was filmed there, many of the viral Chicken Shop Dates by Amelia Dimoldenberg have been around a table at Morely’s, they’ve hosted many a pop-up for launches of big branded products (Adidas used them for the launch of their Nite Joggers)… As we said: iconic.

Credit: Caitlin Isola

And now it’s getting even more iconic, because Morley’s has collaborated with Heinz to create their very own fried chicken sauce. The bottles are limited and are only available from August 7th until September 3rd, and running alongside the sauce launch will be a delicious pop-up at The Standard (King’s Cross). There’ll be an exclusive Morley’s menu there, which will feature all the classics alongside some more extravagant meals: chicken drumstick covered with caviar anyone? Or a tower of 20 wings? Just make sure that whatever you order, it’s smothered in this brand new sauce because, as that famous slogan says: “Mmm… It tastes better”

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