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Ottolenghi is opening a deli in Richmond

Yotam Ottolenghi is taking steps to the South West, because he’s set his sights on a brand new deli/restaurant in Richmond.

Credit: @ottolenghi_london

Everyone’s favourite chef/restaurateur of the moment is looking to open his 9th London location in Richmond later this year. The council have granted permission for a new Ottolenghi restaurant and deli to open at 36-38 Hill Street (where ‘And So To Bed’ used to be). The space itself will have a capacity of 40 people and will be open between 9am and 10.30pm everyday, serving all those flavours that have become synonymous with the famous chef. Tahini, pomegranate seeds, za’atar. Think dishes like farinata and roasted mushrooms, lamb shawarma kofta, big, colourful salads and gorgeous sweet and savoury pastries.

Credit: @ottolenghi_london

In a recent survey by Richmond Council, 88% of the 1,500 people asked said that their primary reason for visiting Richmond was “for eating or drinking out”. So the addition of a new eatery will only be an extra draw to the neighbourhood. On top of that, No. 36-38 Hill Street has undergone multiple changes since 2009. Many companies have passed through the site without being to make a success of the prime location. An Ottolenghi is thought to be much more of a ‘sure thing’ for the high street, especially when looking at the strength of the business in other areas of London. The council are hoping that the presence of Ottolenghi will provide a bit of stability and interest in a struggling part of Richmond.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, however. There has been push back from local residences who are concerned about noise, additional traffic and anti-social behaviour intoxicated people leaving late at night. Organisers have vowed to make sure the space is sound proofed and that they’ll do everything in their power to make Ottolenghi as neighbour-friendly as possible.

Credit: @ottolenghi_london

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