4 months ago

Korean corn dogs are coming to Earl’s Court

Who doesn’t like a Korean corn dogs? It’s a recipe for success: It’s meaty, it’s cheesy, it’s deep fried and it’s darn delicious.

Credit: @bunsik_london

Korean corn dogs are having a real moment aren’t they? These meaty, deep fried street food snacks have captured the hearts of foodies with their addictive flavour combos and instagram-worthy looks. Which is great news for Bunsik, a restaurant that specialises in exactly that. Having just opened a branch in Westfield Stratford City, they’ve now got 5 sites in the UK. But they’re not slowing down any time soon…

That’s because they’re just about to open in Earl’s Court where they’ve got plans for a 40 cover restaurant to open in April this year! On the menu you can expect all of the classic dogs they’re loved for: potato mozzarella, cheese, beef, ‘octo-leg’… But as well that, you can bulk up your order with some ddukbokki (a dish of chewy rice cakes), burgers, fried chicken, noodles, kimbap and more. Wash it down with a bubble tea and there’s no way you’ll be leaving hungry.

Bunsik will open at 198-200 Earl’s Court Road this April

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