2 years ago

Over Under X Puresport run club

Endorphines? Check. New friends? Check. Cracking coffee? Check. And all before 8am on a Thursday. Go gettum, you over achiever.

Credit: @esme.arkinstall

As the mornings get darker and the temperatures crisper, it can be hard to find that inner motivation to lace up the trainers and head out for a run. But you know those post-run endorphins are so worth the earlier alarm clock, so sign up for the Over Under X Puresport run club at Over Under and leave the motivation to someone else.

Puresport have a few other run clubs over London, and our local cafe is their next base. Every Thursday at 7am head down and join in for their 5km run around the Common. After your plod, you’ll finish at Over Under where you can chat with your fellow early morning runners, grab a pastry and be treated to a 30% discount on coffees too. Yep, you have every right to be smug at your 9am meeting.

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