2 years ago

The Post House; brand new housing on the High Street

14 brand new houses are popping up on the High Street. Situated in the beating heart of Clapham, they’re swanky and worth checking out.

Clapham High Street is getting another upgrade with this latest housing development. The Post House is, you guessed it, situated just about The Post Office on the High Street. It is a 14 apartment complex that is set to officially open on the 17th September.

The houses will be one or two bedrooms only and, with prices starting at £450,000 have been designed to help new buyers get their first foot on that elusive housing ladder with the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme.

The new homes have been made to be super sleek and fashionable and has been finished ‘exquisitely’. Plus- they’re smack bang in the beating heart of Clapham; yes Infernos is only a drunken stumble away, but the other SW highlights like the fantastic cafes and restaurants are, literally, on the doorstep.

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