2 years ago

Pancake Box pop up coming to Brixton Village for a week

Happy flippin’ pancake day! If you’re looking for a way to celebrate we’ve got the perfect idea.

Credit: @pancakebox_uk

It’s the sweetest day of the year! If you’re loitering around Brixton Village may we suggest heading down to visit the Pancake Box pop up? They usually have their home in Spitalfields Market, but they’re making their way South of the river for just seven days. You’ve probably seen their mega fluffy stacks on your IG, being as ‘grammable as they are. But they’re tasty too. Alongside their usual flavours, Pancake Box will be serving up their twist on the lemon and sugar classic. The ‘Yuzu Pancake Day Fluffy’ is topped with yuzu, powdered sugar and a candy floss topping. As epic as it’s name. They’ll be giving away the first 20 for free and they open at 10.30am. Looks like you might have to miss that morning meeting, the pancakes are calling.

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