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Papa’s Cafe and Community Hall: A Beacon for Future Generations

Exciting developments are on the horizon at PAPA’s Park, where plans to introduce a new community hall, cafe, and garden are underway.

Architectural Office Michael Dillon – Proposed pulross road view

The current buildings, showing signs of age and underuse, are set for a transformation. This revamped project, aligned with the original vision but infused with new energy, promises a brighter, more inviting future for the community.

A Design That Inspires and Sustains

At the heart of this redesign is a commitment to create a space that’s not only more accessible and welcoming but also celebrates its vibrant surroundings. The new building aims to be a hub of learning and creativity, constructed from sustainable materials. It’s designed to be self-sustaining, generating its own energy while being easy to maintain. Following the Low Energy Transition Initiative (LETI) guidance, the project is a leap towards a greener future.

Meeting Community Needs

The ambitions for this redevelopment are clear:

  1. Increase local engagement with the facility.
  2. Ensure the playground and sports pitch remain freely accessible year-round.
  3. Protect existing jobs while broadening the center’s appeal.
  4. Encourage diverse interactions within the community.
  5. Forge new partnerships with local organizations.
  6. Provide affordable rental options to support local or minority groups.
  7. Enhance local creative and horticultural skills.
  8. Deliver a low-carbon, environmentally friendly space.
  9. Improve biodiversity and expand the beloved community garden.
Existing Building

A Reflective Design Process

In response to community feedback, the project team has revisited the design. The new plan emphasizes sustainability, openness to the street, an external cafe garden, solar gain optimization, and an appealing exterior to attract passersby. Through a series of consultations, including a key session on 11th June 2023, the project has evolved. These discussions allowed for a broad range of creative input, ensuring the final design truly reflects the community’s needs and aspirations.

Looking Forward

With activities designed for inclusivity, the consultation process has been a testament to the project’s community-centered approach. Feedback has been invaluable, shaping the cafe garden, hall, and cafe into spaces that promise to meet and exceed expectations.

As PAPA’s Park embarks on this journey of renewal, the future looks bright. The new Papa’s Cafe and Community Hall stand as a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together, envisioning a space that serves and enriches for generations to come. Keep an eye on this space – a new chapter for PAPA’s Park is just beginning.

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