3 months ago

Brian Danclair’s Veg and Tings: A Vegetarian Revolution in Brixton Village

Nestled near the popular Fish Wings and Tings, Brian Danclair introduces Veg and Tings in Brixton Village.

His newest venture brings a vegetarian twist to traditional Caribbean dishes. This place is quickly becoming a foodie hotspot, buzzing with excitement. The atmosphere at Veg and Tings transports you straight to the Caribbean. It’s alive with patrons enjoying innovative plant-based dishes. Our dining experience was remarkable, showcasing the menu’s diversity.

Dish Highlights

We started with the doubles. This dish combines curried mango and chickpeas in a soft bread, offering a perfect sweet and spicy balance. It’s an excellent introduction to the meal.

The aloo pie was next. This dish combines spiced potato with tamarind sauce in a crispy pastry. It’s uniquely delicious and deserves its praise. We also tried the breadfruit with ackee and callaloo. This comforting dish creatively uses traditional Caribbean flavours. It’s like enjoying a story with each bite.

Beverages with Flair

The meal wouldn’t be complete without a signature drink. The pink ting a ling is a refreshing gin cocktail that complements the menu’s bold flavours.

Our Verdict

Veg and Tings is more than a restaurant; it’s a vibrant tribute to vegetarian Caribbean cuisine. Brian Danclair has crafted a destination for vegetarians and Caribbean food enthusiasts alike. It promises not just meals but memorable culinary journeys. If you’re in Brixton Village and in the mood for something unique and flavourful, Veg and Tings is your go-to. It’s an experience that your taste buds will appreciate

Where: 4 Granville Arcade, Brixton Village, London, SW9 8PR.

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