2 years ago

Pop Brixton has a new (Chick Chick) Crew

In the mood for some Chick Chick Chicken? Don’t head to KFC! Try out Pop Brixton’s latest addition Chick Chick Crew instead.

Credit: @popbrixton

One of the best things about the foodie movement is that you don’t need to go to KFC if you want fried chicken. You can go somewhere actually good. Don’t get us wrong, there is something unbeatable about a gnarly KFC when the time and the place is right. But, time and place.

Credit: @chickchickcrew

For when you want something that you could take home to meet your parents you’ve now got options and Chick Chick Crew is your latest Brixton option. They opened in Pop Brixton a few weeks ago, and with them they’ve bought a classic fried chicken-based menu of burgers, wings and strips. They’ve got cracking sides like tater tots and kimchi slaw, but it’s their sauces that we are finding extra intriguing. Rufio, Thuddbutt and Wendy are the names of their house sauces and vary in spice levels. The chicken is going to be great, but we just want to go for the sauce. So yeah, we’ll get the Thuddbutt please. Chicken on the side.

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