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The best WFH locations in Brixton

What’s your WFH style? From beer lovers to arancini lovers, there’s something for everyone in one of these snazzy Brixton locations.

The WFH novelty dried up about a year ago if we are being honest. Yes, it’s nice wearing PJs to send off serious emails in, and even better to never miss a parcel. But after months and months of it those same 4 walls start to look, well, the same. And there is something about actually putting on shoes that makes us feel… professional? Thank goodness there are places like these in Brixton that will welcome you and your laptop to work from.

Canova Hall

Credit: @canovahall

Canova Hall know how to run the hot desking show. You can rock up without booking (but get there earlish to make sure you get a spot) and hunker down every weekday until 5pm. You can also opt in for their passes- daily (£10) , weekly (£25) or monthly (£50), which gives you unlimited coffees or other hot drinks.


Credit: @cayabrixton

It’s a classic for a reason. There are only ever great vibes over at Caya and their coffee has our hearts… which you’ll have unlimited access to when you work there. Plus the communal working space is slightly separated from the main cafe, so you can focus with the rest of the other WFH-ers. £8 for a half day or £14 for the full day.


Credit: @bellefields_brixton

If you’re looking for somewhere a bit snazzy, Bellefields welcomes laptops during the day in their airy, open restaurant. Why not munch some of their excellent focaccia whilst you’re there? Glass of wine too? Go on.


Credit: @brewdogbarhunter

So maybe a brewery isn’t the classic WFH set up, but their ‘desk dog’ deal is genius. You pay £7 for unlimited coffee, and at the end of the day you’ll get a complimentary IPA. Cheers.

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