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PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® classes on the Common

In need of a bit of a breather from life? This could just be the class for you. Connect with a higher self and get into deep meditation.

Credit: @indigo_ceremony

Have you ever heard of PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®? Us neither. But maybe we should have done- it’s used in the opening ceremonies of many spiritual festivals like The gardens of Babylon and Burning Man, so it’s clearly popular and recognised. And the results speak for themselves. In a successful class you can expect feelings of deep meditation, mental and emotional unblocking and a connection to your subconscious and higher calling. Sounds pretty good for the stressed out, busy population that we are.

Credit: @indigo_ceremony

Classes of the practice are being run by Khouloud on Clapham Common for the next few weekend days of the summer. We are lucky to have access to these classes too- the practice is pretty rare at the moment in the UK, with only 3 facilitators in the country and Khouloud being the only one here in London. And all you need to do to make the most of this opportunity is to bring a mat to sit on and something warm incase the sun goes in! From there, you’ll be lead on a spiritual journey by Khouloud using breath work, which should take you to an altered space of consciousness. Accompanied by a playlist of relaxing music and in a gorgeous outdoor setting, this is the perfect class for anyone in need of a breather from life for an hour and a half. Each session will have a theme to it, so you’ll be able to explore different spiritual topics throughout the series. However, if you’d rather a more intimate experience, you can always book Khouloud for a private session. Get in touch with her here.

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