2 years ago

Rancha Pampa, a cosy Argentinian eatery

After something a bit different from your usual Friday night dinner spot? Try out El Rancho Pampa, an authentic Argentinian eatery.

You don’t need to go far to find Rancho Pampa if you’re in Brixton Village. One of the first places you’ll come across if you’re coming in from Coldharbour Lane, the smell of South American spices and sizzling meats will draw you in as much as their traditional, cosy wooden interiors.

Traditional really was the buzz word of our trip- from the decor to the 24 hour hung and smoked sausages, everything in house felt just as it would if you were the other side of The Atlantic.

We ordered the sharing Pirrillada, a mezze of flame cooked meats (sirloin, prawns, chicken, short ribs and a homemade chorizo) bought out on a hot coal grill to keep everything warm whilst we made our way through the meal. Along with it came a deliciously fresh guac and morish carby delights like cassava and cornbread. Having heard they were some of the finest in London, we couldn’t pass on the Empanadas. We went veggie for this one and we can confirm, they are certainly up there with the best.

There was lots of kitchen drama whilst your food is being prepared- when they say ‘flame cooked’ they really do mean it. Seeing sudden flashes of fire really added to the magic of the evening, and it is certainly a great place to venture if you are after a fun, relaxed evening with some mates. Grab a sharing dish, grab a couple of the Empanadas and wash it all down with a glass of refreshing Quilmes.

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