2 years ago

There’s a Taylor Vs Harry night happening at Market House

A night of music from Swift and Styles. Surely that’s what dreams are made of? Market House Brixton are making your dreams a reality.

Credit: Market House

Imagine a night full of the best tunes. Certified bangers only. What would you choose? Well, Taylor Swift of course. And have you heard Harry Styles’ new album?! Couldn’t leave that out. Ignore everyone else, that is the only music we’d want to listen to. Market House Brixton are making dreams come true by providing a night that is going to be unashamedly fun. On the 18th June from 10pm they will be hosting a club night dedicated to the two pop legends. Between 11pm and 1.30am the tunes will be uninterrupted Taylor and Harry (the other times you’ll get to hear some other classic pop tunes too). Put on your dancing shoes and warm up those vocal chords.

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