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Red Bull is bringing the energy to Post Market

Got that November slump? No problem- this Red Bull-infused event at Post Market Balham will sort you right out.

Credit: @postmarketbalham

If you are in need of a shot of energy this Saturday (5th November) there is only one place to go. Energy drink icons Red Bull are taking over Post Market to really ramp up the vibes of this new street food market. They’ll be serving up their Red Bull infused cocktails; watermelon gin, tropical rum or the classic vodka Red Bull- whatever your tipple of choice, the team will get your energy up for wherever your day takes you. Of course, there will be a live DJ on the decks to get the party going, and if you turn up early you could be lucky enough to nab some of the free food they’ll be giving out to the first customers.

Credit: @balhamnewsie

Speaking of food… there are brand new vendors exhibiting this weekend for the first time! Check out these four spots and give them a try when you’re next down there:

  • Youngs Kitchen: You can expect all kinds of comforting goodness on this Caribbean/ Mediterranean inspired menu. We’ve got our eyes on the ‘thighs and fries’ and the coconut and chickpea stew…
  • Materia Lab: Is Italian is your thing, this is your place. This is a seriously smart take on street food, and the presentation won’t be overlooked just because it isn’t a conventional restaurant. Edible flowers, garnishes and swirls of sauces. Materia Lab have it all.
  • Ok13: From South America to South London, Ok13 will be churning out their signature empanadas. The perfect bite for when you need a little pick me up.
  • Bounty Rum St Lucia: The taste of the tropics in a glass, these rum cocktails will transport you straight to the blue seas of St Lucia. What flavour are you going for: spiced, coconut, lime, dark…?

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