2 years ago

Run for your supper

You’ve heard of singing for your supper, but what about running for a kebab? Our favourite kebab spot BabaBoom is offering you the chance to do just that this weekend.

Listen, finances are up in the air at the moment. You hit the Jan sales a little bit too hard and splurged on Valentine’s Day gifts for your dog. And you’re off on holiday. The last thing you need to be doing is spending your hard earned cash on delicious, juicy kebabs. But it’s exactly what you want to be doing, right?

Lucky for you, there’s a way around it. And the only obstacle in your way is a 5 mile(ish) plod! BabaBoom is one of our favourite kebab restaurants around (shout out to the chargrilled cauli kebab, still thinking about you) and the first Sunday of every month they host the ‘Kebab Chase’.

Credit: @bababoomlondon

All you have to do is turn up to Bababoom (Battersea Rise) and get your hand stamped. Then run over to the monthly location (this time it’s Brockwell Park), take a selfie, post it on your socials and then SPRINT back for your kebab. What a way to spend your Sunday, sweat off the hangover and grab some delicious food whilst you’re at it. Better dust off those trainers.

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