2 years ago

Ole & Steen are bringing their buns to Battersea

Danish cafe Ole and Steen are en route to the Northcote Road. Get ready, the buns are incoming. Cinnamon fiends- REJOICE.

Credit: @oleandsteenuk

One of the best thing that someone can gift you is a cinnamon social from Ole & Steen. One of the worst things that someone can gift you? Also a cinnamon social from Ole & Steen. Because they are so bloody lovely you will soon find yourself with a bun habit that is near impossible to put an end to. And arguably 2x slices a day are not good for the wallet… or the blood sugar levels. And yet, here you are, munching your way through your 5th of the week and it’s only 10.15am on a Tuesday morning. Such is life.

Credit: @dirtymenu

Anyway, this isn’t meant to be a love letter to their tastiest snack, but instead a pre-warning that they are coming to Battersea! They’ll be taking over the old Byron Burger location at 53 Northcote Road to be precise and we can’t wait for their Danish goodness to filter away from their (mainly) central locations. Dates are TBC at the moment, we’ll let you know when we do.

See you soon on the Northcote rd, bun in hand.

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