6 months ago

See this free exhibition all about dogs… with jobs

Fluffy, cute and in employment?! Sign us up. But hurry, because you’ve only got until the 18th December to catch this one!

Credit: @saatchi_gallery

The Saatchi Gallery is always a great day out, but it’s just got even better because it’s hosting an exhibition that celebrates dogs with jobs. In collaboration with the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, the show is to give these pooches a bit of time in the lime light and raise awareness for others like them doing amazing things over the country.

The exhibition is completely free to enter and whilst you’re there you’ll get to see 14 photos of different dogs and read all about the work that they do. From Thunder, the therapy husky, to a trio of to police force Shiba Inus, you’ll get just a sniff of some of the fantastic pups out there. All the photos have been shot by world famous photographer Rankin (who, by the way, currently has a pop-up on Carnaby Street for the festive period) so you know they are the best of the best.

Credit: @saatchi_gallery

And whilst it is free to enter, the exhibition hopes to raise a little bit of cash for the support dogs out there. So, if you can, bring a few coins to give at the end!

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