6 months ago

SW London is getting Europe’s biggest karaoke venue in 2024

Start the vocal warm ups, because you’re going to need them for this SW based venue which is opening in the new year.

Credit: @bamkaraokebox.fr

She’s big, she’s bouji and she’s coming to London in 2024. BAM Karaoke Box is about to be the 10,000 sq-ft party venue of the new year and we can’t wait. BAM (aka Boîte à Musique aka music box) is already a well loved Parisian destination- where it has 5 destinations, as well as an additional box in Bordeaux and 2 more in Spain- which sees thousands through its doors to sing their favourite tunes in private karaoke boxes. And though karaoke has a bit of a rep for being, well, tacky, if there’s anything we know about Paris it’s, well, completely un-tacky. BAM follows suit in chic style, and is as bouji as you can get when it comes to cheesy bangers and sing-a-longs.

Here’s what founder, Arnaud Studer, has said of the opening: “We are thrilled to bring the unique atmosphere and energy of BAM to London, where people can come together to have fun and socialise, whilst enjoying the best in food, drinks, and music.”

Credit: @bamkaraokebox.fr

This new BAM in Victoria will be the biggest karaoke in Europe, housing 22 private rooms and a live music stage to host the pros. Of course there’ll be a bar to keep the vocal cords well lubricated and even an outdoor terrace to enjoy in the warmer months. Opening date is still TBC, but it’s looking like spring ’24. Gather your pals and get ready to sing.

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