8 months ago

SideChick has opened in Brixton

This aptly named cocktail bar is the side hustle of Wood and Water owner, April Jackson. Let us tell you- the drinks list is enticing.

Credit: @rekkiapp

Brixton is very good at cocktail bars, and now there’s another one to add to the roster. SideChick is April Jackson’s 4th Brixton site; she’s also the brains behind Wood and Water, ABV and Batanga- all of which we know and love- so this 4th opening, in partnership with Lee Tan, is exciting news. SideChick is aiming to be a heady cocktail of great drinks, great service and great music. A lot of it is based on Jackson’s time in New York. She wants to replicate the atmosphere of the Brooklyn bars she used to frequent and is planning on doing that through a strong playlist and a very American heavy food menu. On it there are only a couple of small plates, but what there is you can expect to be good: shrimp po’boy, fried okra, sweet potato biscuits…

Food, check. Vibes, check. But the star of the operation? The drinks. Split into three sections (signature drinks, forgotten classics and fallen friends), the cocktail list is small but mighty. Find the rum based Cavendish which is mixed with spiced soda and plantain oleo, or the refreshing Toyko iced tea, o rip you like it clean and fresh then The Business should do the trick- a gin, honey and citrus mix named after Sasha Petraske, the founder of the famous Milk & Honey bar in NYC.

It’s also got a little bit of Brixton history wrapped up in the site, which is at the former 1930s Eel & Pie House on Coldharbour Lane. SideChick a really cool place, and we think you’re going to really enjoy a drink there.

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