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Slab City; Detroit comes to Tooting

This one has had us singing ‘slab city bitch’ in the tune of ‘rack city bitch’… anyone else? No? Ok, just us then.

Slab City is a new Detroit style pizza joint in Broadway Market, serving up whopper-sized pizzas and slices. Straight outta the USA, these bad boys are not for the faint hearted!

Jake is the man behind the cheesey, carby madness. Thought Slab City is certainly a relaxed place, he has an impressive repertoire of food businesses behind him. He really knows what he’s doing and it’s evident in the food that he is creating here. Because these pizzas really aren’t your average Joes. Their proper deep-pan, thick crust, sourdough goodness. Cooked in deep-pan dishes means that the cheese on the outside really crisp up and trust us it is almost inappropriately good. 

We went for the Hot Take – pepperoni, Jalapeños, nduja, ricotta, hot honey and basil. The ricotta cools down the spice of the Jalapeño perfectly making it a perfect mouthful of hot and creamy. We also had the Rizo, which was a shaved Iberian chorizo, sweet onion jam and chipotle aioli number. Equally delish and we’d recommended going with someone with a stomach capable for bottomless pizza so you can share a few of the flavours. For good measure we also ordered a side of the truffle and parmesan fries. We definitely weren’t physically hungry for them, but we couldn’t not give them an go. Absolutely no regrets, and that smoked aioli dip was to die for. Get it for the fries and maybe dunk a bit of the pizza in it too…

The vibe in Slab City is really what it’s all about. It’s super cool, chilled and so much fun. A perfect spot for an early family dinner, or go for beers and pizza to watch the footie with. Their pints start at £5 which is pretty much unheard of these days (thanks, London prices), and rumour has it there’s pitchers coming soon too… watch this space.

As we said these pizza’s are pretty big, but don’t worry – they also do certain flavours by the slice which makes for a perfect lunch time treat. Prepare to be impressed. And incredibly full.

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