5 months ago

Sweet as Sugar (…and Beauty)

Sugar and Beauty have moved to a new location in Clapham and, after our experience with Judi a few months back, we couldn’t wait to revisit.

We visited Judi a few months back for our first ever sugaring appointment. But a lot has changed for her since then, so we were excited to return and meet her in her brand new location for a couple of treatments. She is now based in Clapham North Arts Centre. The salon tucked away up some bright mosaic steps and the space is big, bright and airy with a big skylight to let in as much natural light as we can get in London in January. She’s made it incredibly cosy with her own personal touches- it’s always nice seeing professional awards on display, and of course her welcoming smile will make you feel immediately at home. This is her new base where, as well as offering all her treatments, Judi will train professionals in her craft and host workshops.

She offers a lot of services; sugaring and hair regrowth reduction, derma-cosmeceutical and aesthetic skin treatments (facials), body treatments and massages. We were so impressed with the sugaring treatment last time that we were looking forward to round two. If you’ve not heard of the treatment before it’s really cool: sugaring is a process where an all natural paste is applied to the skin to remove hair. It’s much more effective and longer lasting than conventional waxing, as well as being a lot less painful and the amount of irritation we noticed was so much less than if we’d waxed. We also really rate the re-growth reduction steps that Judi takes after the hair removal. It’s a 2-step aftercare that targets the hair follicle and we couldn’t believe how noticeably different it looked after just 1 treatment. We had smoother legs for longer and much finer hair when it did regrow.  

We were also excited to try out some of her other treatments too. Judi’s professionalism and years of experience really comes through in how she performs the hydraplump facial. She sat us down for a thorough consultation where she really took the time to understand our skin’s needs. She backs everything up with scientific facts and is very proud of not simply ‘steaming and creaming’ clients, but taking a science-backed and result driven approach to her ingredients and treatments. During the treatment she takes everything down to the neck, chest and collar bone, it’s not just the face that get’s pampered. The way Judi approaches her work- in a zero BS way- means we easily built trust with her and made us want to return.

The hydra plump facial was fantastic; a treatment that, through a (deep breath) double cleanse, exfoliation, hyaluronic acid superfluid ultrasound infusion, super hydrating mask, massage of the face, décolleté, shoulders and neck, hyaluronic acid gel, eye care, aftercare hydrator and spf… “immediately quenches the thirst of dehydrated and dry skin, supporting it through seasonal changes“. And it’s true- we felt as dewy as anything when we left. But Judi also does bespoke facials, chemical peels, algae peels, therapeutic facials, oxygen therapy facials, anti-ageing facials and organic therapy facials too, so there is something for any skin.

Judi really is a local beauty and skin expert. A fountain of knowledge right here in Clapham who will both educate and pamper you. We really recommend booking in with her to have a chat- you’ll be hooked.

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