10 months ago

Taca Tacos is opening a second site in south London

Drenched in queso, dipped in some guac, sprinkled with spicy chipotle, filled with refried beans… how do you like yours?

Credit: @tacatacosuk

Tacos are really having a moment in the food scene. Every other day there seems to be a new Mexican eatery popping up on the streets of London and we aren’t going to complain about that. Spicy, creamy, cheesy, meaty, veg-filled… there are so many ways to enjoy the flavours of Mexico and so it only makes sense that more and more places are doing just that.

Credit: @tacatacosuk

Taca Taco is one such place. They already have a place at Deptford Market, where it’s been operating from for a year serving tacos, birria, and nachos. Now they are opening in a much bigger location on Rye Lane too. In their new spot there will be room indoors for 32 covers and a bar, plus there will be extra space outside for 30 more hungry customers. The larger location means there will be a larger menu too- so expect big flavours from their taco list (baja fish, green chile pork, chicken pilbil, a ‘shroom quesataco’… there are many to choose from), as well as tortilla chips with guacamole, their famous birria, corn ribs and more. It’s going to be delicious food that will be made even better when washed down with a drink from the bar- which will be showcasing many south London breweries as well as an extensive margarita menu. They’ll be opening at 200 Rye Lane soon and keep your eyes out for their opening day, where they’ll be dishing out free tacos!

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