2 years ago

Take a trip into Clapham’s secret underground

Did you know there are miles of tunnels under your feet in Clapham? Us neither. Well now you can go into them… if you dare.

Credit: TFL

Transport For London are putting on a series of tours that give visitors the chance to explore the forgotten underground network of London. The Hidden London tours will dive into the depths of town where you’ll be taken through the dark tunnels of Clapham that you never knew were there.

Credit: TFL

The deep level bunker at Clapham South is sure to be a highlight. Used in World War II as a bomb shelter, as a passageway for the Windrush generation as they arrived, this mile-long labyrinth has a lot of stories to tell. The tunnels are usually closed to the public, so take this opportunity to find out all about the history of what’s been going on under your feet. Great for history buffs, less great for those with claustrophobia. Tours will start in April and continue until August.

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