7 months ago

Teeth in need of some TLC? This is your place…

Great for a check up or something more fiddly, this new-ish local dentist is seriously nice. And we’ve got a discount code waiting for you…

Going to the dentist might not be the most ‘glamourous’ of tasks, but everyone knows that your pearly whites should be top of the priority list. Call it self care, call it a chore, call it what you want- that appointment isn’t going to go away. And, if we’re honest, going to the dentist never filled us with joy either. Until we visited South West London’s newest practice…

Mouth is located in the brand new Nine Elms complex and it’s as swanky as its surroundings. Walking in it would be easy to think you’d made a wrong turn and had walked into a spa. Everything down to the smell of the place makes it feel clean without being clinical, everyone in there is happy to see you and there’s even custom made floral decor throughout which really brightens the place up.

Though our SW location of Mouth is a new kid on the block (they opened in mid June this year) this isn’t a brand new concept- Mouth began in Canary Wharf over 15 years ago and the expertise that they’ve gathered over the years is clear. They’ve got a staff full of specialists; from your hygienist appointments to more complex root canals, they’ve got the cutting edge tech and the people to do it right.

We headed down to talk to Helen, our dentist, about Invisalign and we were so impressed. Everything happened so seamlessly and before we knew it we were in the chair (watching a calming screening of a fish tank) whilst Helen tinkled away at our teeth and came up with some ideas for what she thought might work best for us. It was really thorough- our teeth were cleaned, x-rayed, scanned and had pictures taken of them and though it appeared like a lot of work, it all happened incredibly efficiently and left us feeling like we really were in the best hands possible. Helen was clear with all of the steps and was able to show us some before and after pictures of what we will look like when the treatment is complete.

We were sold. We couldn’t think of a better place to start our Invisalign journey than with Mouth Dental and the team at Nine Elms and we think you should get in on it too. The code BESTOFSW-INVIS will get you £200 off your total Invisalign estimate and complimentary tooth whitening too! What are you waiting for? Straighter, whiter teeth are just round the corner.

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