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Is the juice (cleanse) worth the squeeze?

Daily Dose is a Battersea-based juice company who are producing nourishing drinks and working to reduce food waste at the same time.

Credit: @dailydoseldn

There’s a lot more to Daily Dose, a Battersea based juice company, than meets the eye. What does meet the eye is their fantastic juices: a range of healthy, cold pressed, additive-free drinks that are as colourful as they are delicious. They’ve got juices for any time of the day; from the morning shots to get you going to the comforting oat based drinks as a bedtime treat. All of the juices are as pure as you can get- just the raw ingredients squished into bottles meaning they’re full of nutrients that will make you feel like magic.

But there’s more. Aside from the juices, Daily Dose are all about reducing waste food. They collect the weird and wonky fruit and veg that would otherwise be binned for not conforming with strict supermarket criteria and use that for their juices. After the juicing is done, they’ll use the left over pulp to turn into biogas and biofertiliser, so it really is a full circle process.

We are all for trying everything once, and a juice cleanse is something we’d never considered. We’d heard about the benefits of this liquid diet (better energy levels, an immune system boost, reset and resort gut health…) but had never taken the plunge to try one ourselves. So what better way to start then with this Battersea-based business. As amateur juicers, it was simple to find the cleanse for us on the website- we picked the beginner 3 day cleanse and just a few days later our bundle of health turned up on our doorstep.

Credit: @dailydoseldn

‘Fun’ might not be the word used to classically describe a cleanse, but the first day of our cleanse we were having a great time. There are 9 juices in total (and one ginger shot) so we were never waiting too long until the next juice. All the flavours were deliciously different and we found ourself looking forward to the next one. We followed the schedule that Daily Dose recommends on their site:

  • 8am: Hot Shot & Dulce Verde
  • 10am: Zenzero 
  • 11am: Spirulina 
  • 12pm: Strawb 
  • 2pm: O’Fresco 
  • 3pm: Black Lemonade 
  • 4pm: Coco Verde 
  • 6pm: Rouge
  • 8pm: Cacao Oat

There’s only a few occasions when we were waiting longer than an hour for our next fix and we felt surprisingly full throughout the cleanse. There’s a lot of juice to drink every day and they come at such regular intervals that there’s never really a moment where you’re left feeling depleted. We really enjoyed the drinks themselves too- they’re all pretty fruity and sweet so it felt like a great introduction to the juicing world. We especially enjoyed the beetroot-packed Rouge and the Cacao Oat was a satiating way finish the day and we really didn’t go to bed hungry.

Day 2 we woke up early (and alarm free!) after one of the best sleeps we’d had in a long time. We had loads of energy and practically skipped to the fridge for our morning ‘hot shot’ which certainly packs a punch and woke us up better than an espresso ever could. It was about 10.30am that a headache began creeping in… which happens to be the exact time we’d usually have our first coffee of the day. But we pushed through the headache to the cleansing spirulina water and soon it was gone- plus there’s a lot of liquid going in so it was the most hydrated we’d felt in a long time and we can put the headache down to our caffeine dependency.

Day 3 continued in the same vein, we woke up feeling ready to get the last day under our belt. The 10.30am headache still cropped up but it was much less noticeable than day 2 and our (usually caffeine dependent) energy continued throughout the day… Which felt amazing considering we were just surviving off juices. We did take our cleansing days easier than usual- we only did a couple of light walks and made sure to get early nights, but it felt good to give our body a bit of a rest and reset. And we also realised how much we gained not having to go to the shops, plan a meal or cook. We ended up with a few spare hours a day which, if we are being honest, we spent pampering ourselves, reading and having baths.

The juice cleanse was a real surprise to us. We felt like we were doing a three day stint of self-care and felt energised, satisfied and brighter than usual. And each bottle is easy to slip in a bag when you’r eon the go or heading to the office, so it was a really easy adaption to fit in the cleanse to our lifestyle. The few days after the cleanse we continued to feel the effects too- we were sleeping better, our digestion was better and we weren’t reaching for our usual 10.30am coffee… So yes. In our opinion this juice cleanse is certainly worth the squeeze and we’d absolutely recommend giving it a try if you want to shake things up.

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