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The Apple Blue Balham is expanding- and they’re giving away £1 coffees this Monday!

If you’ve been to The Apple Blue, then you’ll know that this is excellent news. More opportunity to get your hands on those hot chocolates!

Credit: @theapplebluebalham

The Apple Blue Balham is the bread of butter of any Balhamites daily routine. Whether it is for a weekday coffee en route to the city, for a dutch baby brunching feast or for one of those legendary hot chocolates (get to know if you don’t already), The Apple Blue has been a huge part of the community since it first opened its doors in 2018. And now they are taking the next step in their cafe journey!

Credit: @theapplebluebalham

If you’ve been to The Apple Blue, then you’ll know there is an almost constant queue. A huge testament to the incredible food and drink they put out; it’s popular for a reason. They’ve come up with a clever plan to reduce that wait time for you- by opening a new site! The new cafe will be a little hole in the wall, just across the road from the original Apple Blue. Serving the same delicious coffee by the same baristas with that same great Apple Blue energy we know and love- this new spot will be great for a grab and go situation when you’re in a rush to the tube or want a coffee to keep you warm on your dog walk.

To celebrate their opening, they’ll be serving £1 on Monday! Swing by and say hi to their new site.

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