8 months ago

The Clapham International Film Festival is coming this November

A very cool bunch of filmmakers are packing their bags and heading to Clapham for 4 days of screenings, brunches, masterclasses and parties.

Credit: @ciff.uk

Clapham has a lot. More brunches than you can shake a stick at. The rolling green space of the Common. Infernos. But you know what we don’t have here? An International Film Festival. Until now. Between the 9th and 11th November Clapham will be transformed into a cultural hub showcasing the very best in the world of indie film. The organisers have managed to gather a huge range of talent: from SW4 locals to Australian and Brazilian movie makers, there will be a lot to see over the three days.

Catch the screening feature film ‘Finding Dad’, a wild ride of a film that follows the journey of an aspiring young director who decides to make a movie about her quest to meet her biological father for the first time… only she hires an actress to play herself to actually meet him. Your ticket will include a Q+A with director, Brit Phelan, after the screening. Or go to a talk on the technological possibilities of cutting edge AI and what it means for filmmaking. If you want a laugh, see the double-bill screening of comedy shorts at Omnibus… There is loads on. The events will be taking place all over Clapham- Omnibus, Clapham Picturehouse and the private cinema at Nightingale Place will be hosting events.

The team will be at Venn Street Market this and next Saturday with some discounted tickets up for grabs, so make sure to swing by and say hello if you’re about. Or head to their website and get your tickets now.

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