2 years ago

The Common Espresso Bar celebrate their 5th anniversary

For 5 years the Common Espresso Bar has been caffeinating it’s locals. To celebrate this milestone they’ve got a whole weekend of fun.

Credit: @thecommonespressobar

Run by Keisy and Jorge, the cafe was born out of passion for coffee perfection. Keisy started as a barista and as her skill grew she eventually went on to compete in UK competitions in her field of coffee curation. The confidence that was a result in doing so well in these competitions meant that the Espresso Bar was born in 2017. During these past 5 years, Keisy and Jorge have worked hard to foster a strong community around them. If you’ve been in for a drink we are sure you’ll agree in it’s success on that front. Alongside that, they also made themselves into a bit of a hub, whether that be by donating leftover food at the end of the day to the local food bank, or by happily caffeinating local businesses and residents, they have really become integral to the community here in Clapham.

If you are in the area this weekend, pop in and celebrate with them! It’s 10% off all in store orders until close on Sunday too, so grab a fantastic coffee and a delicious slice of cake (well, it is a birthday). We know they will be thrilled to see you.

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