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The F45 Challenge is coming…

Our local Brixton studio is where you’ll want to be over the next few weeks. Ready to feel like a new person? Here’s the challenge for you.

Credit: @f45_brixton

These challenges are famous within the fitness community. The F45 Challenge runs for 6 weeks on several occasions throughout the year and aim to get participants feeling the fittest, strongest and healthiest they’ve ever been. The challenges are always a global occasion; all of the 1,800+ studios across the world will be doing them at the same time which means that, as is the way with F45, it feels like a big community-centric event.

The next F45 Challenge kicks off on 23rd October and runs until the 6th December- the perfect moment to reset, refocus, get back on track with your fitness and health before the silliness of silly season starts. Throughout the 6 weeks of the challenge the you’ll get unlimited access to F45 Brixton where you’ll be able to pick from up to 6 classes a day, every day of the week, which means it’s really flexible for any schedule. To make sure you get a really nice mix of workouts, the classes will follow the usual F45 pattern of some strength, some cardio and some a combination of both.

Credit: @f45_brixton

Where the challenge is a bit different to usual training at F45 is that you’ll be getting a couple of additional treats. There’s 3 body scans throughout the weeks which will give you really detailed information on your current health with data on body fat percentage and your muscle mass. You’ll also have 3 calls with your coach, who is there to keep you accountable, motivate you and will guide you in setting goals, planning your week and meals and ultimately helping you get the results you want from the challenge. There will also be workshops and events to reinforce all that work; stuff like working on your form and stretching. Motivation won’t be an issue either because there’s a dedicated challenge app which you can download and you’ll be in a WhatsApp group with other participants to keep spirit high over the weeks. There will be loads of ways to track your progress- your general feeling of wellbeing is going to skyrocket and there are those scans too, but to round off the challenger there will be fitness and strength testing at the start and end which will be a great indicator of how far you’ve come.

There’s a lot going on in those 6 weeks, but the great thing about this challenge is that it really is for everyone. If you want to feel great, get fitter and take care of yourself a little better then this really is for you. Beginners are as welcome as the more advanced sporty among us, so don’t be put off if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before. We can really vouch for the team at the Brixton studio, too. They are friendly, inclusive and you’ll feel like F45 Brixton is your second home in no time. We couldn’t think of a better place to spend those 6 weeks.

Credit: @f45_brixton

The challenge is £349, but if you buy it now you can get the early bird offer for just £299 which will also give you free training from now until 23rd! Even better is that if you quote BEST OF BRIXTON then you’ll get an additional week of training at the end of the challenge, meaning you can train from now until the 13th December for just £299. For this just make sure you contact F45 Brixton directly to arrange this. Email here or call 07566793654 and get ready to feel like a happier, healthier and fitter person in 6 weeks. 

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