9 months ago

Hear a two-time Olympic gold medallist speak at this book launch

“…a searing testimony for anyone forced to stop doing what they love, and a true tale of triumph through unimaginable obstacles”.

Caster Semenya is an incredible person. Of course, there’s the world class running- she’s earned 2 Olympic gold medals in the 800m and is a three time World Athletics champ at the same distance. A true gem in the South African athletic team, Caster has worked throughout her career to be the very best at what she does. But it’s not been a simple ride for the athlete. Because she has a condition that means her body produces more testosterone than most other females, she was forced to undergo ‘gender verification testing’ in 2009. The results meant she was banned from racing for a year and then, in 2011, World Athletics banned female athletes with elevated testosterone levels from competing all together. For 8 years Caster was battling with legalities around the ruling, until 2019 when a decision was made that allowed women to race if they agreed to take testosterone-reducing medication.

Semenya has a huge story to tell and she’s done exactly that with her book ‘The Race To Be Myself’, which is out on October 31st. To celebrate the launch, on November 8th there is an evening of conversation with Caster at Brixton House. You’ll hear her talk, have the opportunity to ask questions and get your hands on a signed copy of the book. Get tickets quick, they’re going (almost) as fast as Caster.

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