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The Hope & Anchor is showing pubs how it’s done

Drinks: check out that stellar spritz menu. Food: some of the best burgers out. Vibes: on point. The Hope & Anchor have nailed the pub game.

There’s a lot of history to The Hope & Anchor in Brixton. According to historical maps, it dates back to at least 1829 and in the 194 years since it’s been open, it has undergone a range of transformations. In 2017 the Young’s pub group made it into what we know it as today; a lively, welcoming pub that anyone would be proud to call their local. With its vast beer garden, cater-for-all drink menu and those epic burgers it’s no wonder it is such a popular spot with the crowds of Brixton and Clapham alike.

We went down on a sunny evening to make the most of the famous beer garden and very quickly understood the hype. The outdoor area is seriously spacious; there’s a DJ booth, a fire pit, an outdoor bar, and the burger shack. It’s charmingly decorated with twinkly lights which makes it feel pretty magical as the sun goes down. It’s packed with themed huts, seating and tables to really let you soak up the sun in comfort too, so whether you’re sipping on a craft beer, grooving to the tunes or just catching up with mates, this hidden gem is a haven for whatever your mood.

But we weren’t just there for the good vibes. We wanted a drink and we wanted some food, and luckily The Hope & Anchor is very good at both of those. Their summer spritz list winked at us as soon as we opened the menu and we recommend you make the most of this whilst it’s about. We went for a lovely trio: the Spritz Le Fizz, the English Garden G&T and the Hugo Spritz. All were wildly refreshing and dangerously easy to drink. The Spritz Le Fizz was a zesty orange number, the G&T was flavoured with elderflower tonic and the Hugo was a bubbly mix of gin, Prosecco, elderflower cordial and soda. What a triple treat these were! If the rest of the spritz list is anything like these then you’ll have a fantastic time no matter what you order.

Credit: @hopeandanchorsw

Young’s Pubs are known for their outstanding burger shacks- the kitchen that takes over their pub gardens nationwide and makes for some of the very best burgers we’ve tried. Forget what you think you know about regular pub grub because these are out of this world.  First up was the Hot Chick burger and yes, she is indeed a hot chick. This one stars tender, buttermilk-fried chicken that’s been perfectly cooked to achieve that mouth-watering crispness. With each bite, you get a blend of tangy blue cheese and fiery buffalo hot sauce that packs just the right amount of heat. Gorgeous. The classic double beef patty came with melt-in-the-mouth slow-cooked ox cheek, sweet pink onions, cheese and their signature burger sauce. A harmonious burger if ever we’ve tried one.

Though both of the burgers are served with nostalgia-inducing curly fries, we couldn’t resist a portion of the loaded curly fries too. We’re glad we did. This hefty portion of fries came with a generous topping of that succulent ox cheek, which added a real richness to complement the crispy potatoes, plus some fiery jalapeño and cooling sour cream thrown on top. But it was the drizzle of plum ketchup that really made this dish for us- a tangy and slightly sweet flavour element that completed the whole thing expertly. And yes, we went pretty heavy on the meat this time round, but we were extremely tempted by their vegetarian options too- the ‘loaded plant’ burger looked as good as any other on the menu and would be well worth a try if you are plant-based (or not!).

Credit: @hopeandanchorsw

It’s not just the food and drink that makes The Hope & Anchor a special place. They are a big part of the Brixton community too and take pride in hosting a variety of community events like open mic nights, life drawing sessions, charity fundraising nights for local organisations…being involved in the community is an essential aspect of their identity and something they are, rightly, proud of.

And if you want a good deal make sure to download the Young’s On Tap app for spontaneous treats and special deals. Just keep your eyes out for that notification!

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