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The London Festival of Architecture is coming to Brixton this June

Learn more about the fabric of Brixton at The London Festival of Architecture this June; there are loads of events to get involved in.

Credit: @londonfestivalofarchitecture

The London Festival of Architecture is back for another year. This month-long festival celebrates all things design and creativity within the streets of London, and every year has a theme to focus on. This year the theme is ‘In Common’. It ranges from thinking about our physical common spaces in London (parks, benches and public places to commune) as well as more abstract ideas too; how do we make the most of what we have in common with others we share our city with? What can we do to make more of our commonalities?

The theme will shape the month, where there will be talks, workshops and exhibitions all over the city which will showcase some of the very best new and old designers in architecture. Its architecture and creative history means that Brixton is a perfect place for this festival to feature heavily. Here’s what the organisers have said about why Brixton is so special to the LFA:

Credit: @londonfestivalofarchitecture

Brixton is like nowhere else. For many considered the home of Black Britain, it is a place of firsts: Electric Avenue, the very first street in London lit by electricity; Bon Marche, the first purpose-built Department Store in the country as well as the first Marks & Spencer, Franco Manca and Honest Burger to mention a few. Home to the Windrush Generation, the Uprising in 1981, radical thinkers and activities which have shaped generations. Famous for its diverse music, food and street art scene, Brixton is filled with creativity. Brixton is underpinned by values such as inclusivity, diversity, equality and justice that are embedded, shared and celebrated every day.

There are some really exciting events happening between the 1st and 30th June in Brixton; from immersive audio walks to a mural tour, a live reading group at Roundtable Books to learning about renewable power at a DIY energy workshop, there really is something for anyone and everyone. Check out the full schedule below and get ready to discover even more about the fabric of Brixton!

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