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The low-down on Brockwell’s summer festivals

Brockwell is poppin’ this summer. It seems like there are multiple festivals every week, it can be hard to keep track.

Credit: @mightyhoopla

Brockwell Live is the company behind much of the fun, so here is their complete list of events they are bringing to Brixton.

  1. Wide Awake // 27th-28th May (ok so this one happened last weekend but we wanted to give it it’s own shoutout). Tickets are on sale for ‘23 now, snap them up if you like an indie scene.
  2. City Splash // 29th May (same excuse as above). Again, grab tickets for next summer if carni-vibes are your thing.
  3. Jubilation // 2nd June. How else do you want to be celebrating HRH Liz than a festival hosted by iconic British band Madness?!
  4. Mighty Hoopla // 3rd-4th June. Straight after Jubilation, Hoopla moves in for 2 days of frolicking fun. The headliners are Steps & Sugababes. Need we say more?
  5. Cross the Tracks // 5th June. See off the bank holiday with a day of jazz, funk & soul music. Maybe a little more mellow… but only if you want it to be.

Quite the line up! And even better is that our friends over at Clapham’s Venn Street Market are supplying many of the vendors that are dishing up the grub to keep you fuelled for all of those festival activities, so you know you’ll be looked after! Can’t make it to any of these funky festivals? Head to Venn Street any Saturday from 10am, where you can check out the market.

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