10 months ago

The Table Café has come to Battersea

We tried out Battersea’s newest brunch restaurant and, yes we have a lot of them here, but this one is a very welcome addition.

The Table Café has landed on Battersea Rise, taking the place of previous all-day brunchy/ evening spot, The Address. Now, it’s no secret that Battersea isn’t exactly lacking on the brunch restaurants, so moving into an already saturated market is a brave move from The Table. But they come with a big following from their other, well established, London location where they’ve been operating in Southwark for over 15 years. And to have a restaurant in the volatile London hospitality scene for that amount of time is no easy feat- especially when considering the rocky years gone by (Covid, cost of living crisis, Brexit…) so The Table Café clearly know a thing or two about making a good brunch.

We made the trip to their pretty pink and red cafe to see what we thought. We were really impressed. From start to finish the service was great- professional and prompt, the staff here were friendly but unfussy, bringing our orders quickly and checking in at intervals throughout our meal. Lucky for us, the sun was shining so we decided to make the most of their terrace on the street- set back from the road- where you get a great view for people watching. Kicking things off we went for cooling drinks, a strawberry smoothie made with banana, coconut milk and oats would have been pretty enough for Barbie… as would the mixed berry and kale juice with a refreshing minty lift. Both delicious and clearly freshly made, they set a high standard for the rest of the meal.

The trio of dishes we got for brunch were, if we do say so ourselves, very well chosen. One sweet, one savoury and one leafy split between two is the way to do it. The ‘jumpstart’ pancakes were gorgeous- chunks of collapsingly soft apricots, a stack of three (very tender) American style pancakes, some more juicy apricot compote, a luxurious coconut yogurt and a bit crunch from their home-made granola. Every bite delivered delicious mouthfuls and the stack was quickly reduced to smears on the plate. The eggs Benedict was equally as quickly polished off. We added some avocado to this one and loved how the creaminess of the hollandaise sauce, egg yolks and avocado were cut through with the salty punch from the smoked streaky bacon. Finally was our leafy addition of the Caesar salad. A big, busy plate of brioche croutons, lettuce and a very generous amount of dressing and shaved Parmesan… this is the kind of salad that makes eating a salad feel like a treat. The only kind of salad we want.

We really enjoyed our visit to Battersea’s latest brunch restaurant. You can never have too much of a good thing and so why shouldn’t we get another 1st class all day eatery in SW11? With food, drinks and service like that we are certainly not going to complain.

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