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The Wandsworth Bridge is closing to traffic for 10 weeks over summer

If your commute involves the Wandsworth Bridge, you will need to find an alternative route over the summer months. 

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On July 24th Wandsworth Council will be closing the iconic Wandsworth Bridge for 10 weeks for repairs on all of its weight-baring parts. The bridge is 83 years old, having been opened initially in 1940, and since the closure of the Hammersmith Bridge to vehicles in 2019, it has felt the effect of more traffic over its road. The extra vehicles that would initially have been spread over both bridges condensed onto just the one, meaning that the Wandsworth Bridge is now in need of repairs to prevent it from having to close for a much longer period of time than the planned 10 weeks. It is thought that the knock on effect of the closure of Hammersmith Bridge will be felt in Putney too, where it is expected that more traffic will divert to after the 24th July when the Wandsworth Bridge closes. Some experts are concerned that the Putney Bridge will be in need of some repair work after its heavy-duty summer. 

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The bridge will be closed to all vehicles, and though pedestrians will still be able to use the route, cyclists will have to dismount before crossing the river. There will certainly be disruption to many people living and commuting in the area, but the Wandsworth Council have planned the time of road works with school closures for their summer breaks in the hopes to reduce the impact on locals as much as possible. The Council will also be sending out over 24,000 letters for households in the direct area, as well as posting warning signs around the bridge to give those that use the route as much time to prepare as possible. Though TFL are yet to make their plans clear, we already know that the 424 and C3 buses that use Wandsworth bridge will have to be diverted.

Wandsworth leader, Simon Hogg, has said;

 “These works are essential to protect the bridge, ensure it remains safe to use and keep it open in the long-term. Our primary objective is to get this necessary job done as efficiently and quickly as possible so there is the least amount of disruption possible to residents.” 

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