1 year ago

There’s a BYOB with a twist in Balham

When we say ‘BYOB’ you’re probably thinking, Bring Your Own Booze… right? Think again. This one is a Bring Your Own Baby.

Credit: @thewinetastingshop

Every Tuesday from 1.30pm until 3pm, there is a bit of a twist to your usual ‘BYOB’ at The Wine Tasting Shop in Balham. Instead of bringing your own booze (which wouldn’t make sense anyway… this is a wine shop!), parents are being encouraged to bring their own baby.

The Wine Tasting Shop has read the Balham room- it’s an area renowned for being full of new parents and those on maternity and paternity leave who are looking for ways to fill the hours between feeding, waking and burping their new bundles of joy. Balham is already bursting with cafes for people to park up their prams in whilst they sip on a coffee and there is certainly no shortage of brunch options. But The Wine Tasting Room want to offer something a little different: every Tuesday afternoon parents are welcomed in to try out 4 different glasses of wine with their babies. It will be a fantastic opportunity to meet some other wine-loving local parents too whilst relaxing with some delicious glasses. Now that beats a cappuccino.

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