2 years ago

More sushi? There’s a new delivery service on it’s way to Clapham

You can never have too much of a good thing. And you know what’s a good thing? Sushi.

Credit: @imoto_sushi

(spicy tuna)Roll up! (California)Roll up! There’s a new sushi delivery service coming to Clapham North, under the arches off the high street. Opening next week, it’s promising all the sushi goodness that we know and love for very reasonable prices. You’re looking at uramaki sets starting from just £5. If you’re looking for a bit more substance then something like the salmon & avocado box might be more up your street, which comes with futomaki, nigri and hosomaki. 20 pieces of pure sushi joy for £15. What a steal!

Imoto will mainly be operating on a delivery basis, however, if you find yourself hanging around LIT nightclub then you’ll also be able to grab a bite there.

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