3 years ago

Want to work out but worried about the pennies? No sweat. Head to Angl Gym

Angl Gyms have come up with a way that means you can shed the lbs, not the £.

January is notorious for being a tricky month for the pennies. It’s been Christmas and you’ve spent all your hard-earned cash on booze and meals out. And you know where that Chrimbo cheese has gone straight to?

Whilst there is nothing wrong with putting on a few kilos over the winter, after a while, it’s going to feel good to get moving your body again. But it can be expensive in an especially frugal month.

Angl Gym have got your back. You can now pay to train with them via Klarna, and not pay anything until February. Completely interest-free! And a complimentary meal plan! And weekly communications with their head trainer!

Here’s what they said:

Our appointment-only, SafeSpace gyms mean you can avoid the January rush and train in a calm and personal environment only 2 minutes from Clapham Common station.

Sounds pretty good, right? New bod pending.

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