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There’s a new trend starting at Posh Tatoes

Posh Tatoes is doing to the potato what X-Factor did to Harry Styles. Taking the ordinary and humble and turning them into global superstars.

Let us put you on to something: potatoes. Ok, we know. It doesn’t sound like the newest, freshest concept ever, but at Posh Tatoes they really are making the potato feel exactly that- new and fresh. This is a cafe that is celebrating the humble spud and turning it into something that will make you forget all that you think you know about baked potatoes.

The concept of Posh Tatoes came, charmingly, from when the owners met some friends on an Italian cruise. They told them all about a potato restaurant they had in Germany that was doing really well and invited them over. They were on a plane within a couple of weeks and were sold instantly on the idea of starting a new trend of healthy potatoes which look and taste amazing over here in the UK. They set about creating a menu that was surprising and interesting, passionate about making something that their customers would have never come across before.

We went down to their launch event at their eatery on Coldharbour Lane, and what a fun night it was. We had a couple of (very tasty) rum punches whilst wiggling around to a DJ in a very packed restaurant. A really, really good vibe which catered easily to the evening crowd too… Not exactly what you’d expect when you hear ‘launch event for a baked potato restaurant’, but then ‘not exactly what you’d expect’ sums up Posh Tatoes perfectly.

After having been charmed by the energy of the place, we went back for lunch to try out their (completely vegetarian) menu. All of their flavour combos are so unique- there’s the El Mexicano which comes with ground soy, broad beans, corn, jalapenos, nachos, tomato-pepper sauce and sour cream, there’s the Ratatouille which is full of mashed aubergine, tomatoes, courgettes, carrots and aioli… there’s a ‘build your own’ section where you can pick and choose your favourite fillings. But we tried two of their best sellers; The Bombay was a beautifully spiced mixture of chickpeas, soy and lentils with a gorgeously smooth tandoori sauce. So different to anything we’d had in a potato before but it felt nourishing and comforting all at the same time. The Goat Dream & Pine Luck was crammed with red cabbage, sundried tomatoes and a zingy herb sauce. A real favourite and understandably popular. It goes without saying that the potatoes were cooked to soft perfection. Nice and gooey in their molten centres, nice and crisp on their jackety exteriors.

It’s not just potatoes though. There’s an extensive drinks menu (they do a cocktail hour where you can get 2 for £12 between 5pm and 7pm every day), they serve Brixton beer, and even do a bottomless brunch on the weekends. In summer sit out in the heated garden and soak up the sun with a shisha.

So no, jacket potatoes aren’t new. But what they are doing at Posh Tatoes is really playful and is as fresh as you’ll get with a spud. Give them a try and fall in love with a properly nostalgic meal… plus, they’ll give you 15% off if you show them this article.

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